Top 10 Beautiful Places In The World: Have you seen such a place in your life that millions of people want to see, but due to some reason, they are not able to see that place. Have you seen the most beautiful place in the world where snow falls, but the hot water flows in the natural swimming pools there. Have you ever seen such a place. In this article, we will tell you about the Top 10 Beautiful Places In The World. People are longing to see them. You may have never heard of some of these places


This beautiful place is in China and it is the same place shown in the movie Avatar. Many of you must have seen the Avatar movie of Hollywood, in which the mountains of this place have been shown. This area is one of the most popular beautiful places in China, which is visited by millions of people.

This entire area is spread over about 700 square kilometers. In which there are more than 3 thousand small mountains. When there is a foggy weather here in the winter time, it looks more beautiful while watching this mountain. Things like lake, waterfall among these mountains will be seen.


This place is in Italy, which is the best place for tourists and thousands of people come here to enjoy this natural swimming pool throughout the day. The water in this pool appears dark blue. The most special thing about this pool is that it contains hot water, whose temperature lasts up to 37 degrees.

You will be surprised to know one thing about this beautiful place that it remains absolutely free 24 hours and seven days a week and 365 days a year. You do not need to pay any money at this place. If you go to another swimming pool, then you will have to take a ticket, in which you will have to pay some money, but you do not have to spend any money to go to this pool.


Who would not know this place? If you used Samsung’s keypad phone in childhood, then you must have understood by knowing its name. That this is the same place that wallpaper used to come in Samsung’s phone. And many of you would understand that the wallpaper would be a fake wallpaper that would have been created by animating it. But this place really does exist.

This place is in Arizona. There was a time when water passed through these rocks. Because of that water, some such structure was made here, but now the water here has completely dried up. It has become a tourist place since the water dried up. Thousands of people come every day to see it. Such a place is a very good place for photo shoots.


This national park is in Chilli. If you like to see mountains then this beautiful place is for you. Because at this place you will get to see such a view of the mountain, which you have never seen before. Snow is falling on the mountains all around, in the middle of which is a beautiful lake.

This National Park is one of the most popular places for hikers. Those who like to go hiking must visit this place once. Millions of people visit this place throughout the year and who would not want to visit such a beautiful place where there are mountains all around and snow is falling on those mountains.


This place is in Japan, which you must have seen on the Internet. Pandas also live in this forest. You must know how much Panda likes to eat Bamboo. This bamboo tree is very tall, so it looks very good. These are the most popular tourist attract place.


If you like to stay in nature and click pictures, then this place may be the best for you. This national park is in Croatia which has many things like Lake Waterfall. This place is one of the most visited tourist places in Croatia. Where thousands of tourists come to this park. The park is spread over 300 square kilometers which is home to many species of bears, wolves, birds and more.

#4. OOTY

Ooty is such a beautiful place in India that everyone wants to go. Nestled amidst the Nilgiri Mountains, Ooty is the most beautiful place in the whole of India. If you like to live between Haryali and mountains or like to roam in such places, then you will not find any better place in India. Thousands of people come to visit this place. Ooty is not a small place, there is a lot of places to visit and you will also find many hotels to stay at this place.


After hearing the name of this island, you must have thought that this island will probably be in India but it is in Indonesia. There are more than 1500 small green islands on the whole island, near which hotels have also been built.

Thousands of people come to visit this beautiful place every year and live their luxury life. The water of this island is so clear that you can see the thing below the water clearly. There are many caves on it and many caves have also been formed under the water.

#2. UBUD

It is a place which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But most people do not know about this place. This is such a green place that you will definitely want to visit this place once you see it. You can also explore this place with a bike or bicycle. Here too, like Ooty, there are many places to visit.


This most beautiful place is in Turkey, where small natural swimming pools are built. This place is so beautiful that you can guess from the fact that a song from the Bollywood movie “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani” has been shot at this place and the name of that song is “Tu Jaane Na”. Many people must have heard this song and you must have seen this place in that song. It is a tourist place where millions of people come to see it throughout the year.



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