Top 10 Dangerous Dams In The World: Have you seen such a dam in your life, which has a hole nearby and has been known to fall in this hole. And this dam is like a live bomb that can explode anytime. You may not even think about the devastation that will come after the breaking of this dam.

Have you seen a dam that controls the entire river water and the entire dam is made of raw mud. So in today’s article, we have brought you a list of Top 10 Dangerous Dams In The World, which you would have never heard about.


This dam is in the USA, which was earlier called Bolter Dam, this dam made of concrete is the highest dam in the USA. This dam is between Nevada and Arizona, the dam is not as thin as it looks from the top.

This dam is 656 feet wide from the bottom and only 46 feet wide from the top. Any dam that is wider than the bottom, the stronger it will be. Building dams does not only mean stopping the water, but these dams are made to put the water to good use.

Electricity is generated from the water of the dam and only that much water is needed for irrigation so that the water is not wasted and it is used properly. If water continues to flow like this without a dam, it will ruin the crops of crores of people. This dam is 726 feet high. Now you can guess from this that how dangerous this dam will be.


This dam is one of the highest dam structures in Spain. This dam was built between 1963 and 1970 to stop the river flow. The water behind this dam covers 86.65 square kilometres.

It contains 2.5 billion cubic meters of water. So you yourself think that if anyone tampered with this dam, then how much destruction it can bring. This dam is half a kilometer wide and has a height of 202 meters. This dam produces 810 MW of electricity.


There are about 87 thousand dams in China, which will not be so many dams by adding small thick dams of any other country. This world is the largest dam not only of China but of the whole world, which was built by spending 4 billion dollars. The dam has a height of 305 meters and a length of 568.6 meters.

Which is built on the Yulong River, the largest river in South East Asia, which passes through many big countries. The size of this dam is so big that 60 million people live on it. Many big engineers say that the dam is like a living bomb and it is quite dangerous.


This dam has been built on the Zambezi River. Which started to be built in 1955 and this dam was completed in 1969. The dam has a height of 423 feet and a length of 589 meters. This dam is so big that it covers the water of the Zambezi River which is 280 km long. This dam holds 185 cubic meters of water.

One side of this dam meets Zimbabwe and the other side Zambia. Maintenance of this dam is the responsibility of these two countries. According to a report, if this dam bursts, it can lead to the death of 3.5 million people, which is completely dependent on this dam.


When the matter is about the most dangerous dam, it cannot be said that the name Mosul Dam is not mentioned in it. This dam is made of raw soil and this soil is being cut by waves day by day. That’s why this dam is so dangerous that it can spread anytime. But this dam works continuously for 24 hours. It was built in 1966. The day this dam fails, it will kill lakhs of people.


This dam is one of the highest dams in Asia. Which is built on the Periyar River. The water stored by this dam is used for electricity generation and irrigation and it produces 780 MW of electricity. Its height is 168.6 meters and this dam is longer than 565 meters.

The bigger this dam of India, the more dangerous it is. If there is any problem in this dam, it will bring that flood due to which many villages will be ruined.


This dam on earth is the largest dam in the world. Which is 2.3 kilometers wide. It is said that due to this dam many problems have come in the whole environment. Due to which the surrounding areas have come to the landslide. Once a building collapsed due to an earthquake in China, due to which 57000 people died. The people there say that this earthquake was caused by that dam, but the government there suppressed it.


This dam is one of the most beautiful dams in the world, which is visited by thousands of people. The most seen on this dam is the glory hole which looks very beautiful in appearance. But this hole of this dam is very useless because many people have lost their lives by falling in this hole. Whoever has fallen in this hole today has not survived till date. Under this hole turbines have been installed, from which electricity is made.

The construction of this dam was started in 1953 and it was completed by 1957. Its height is 304 feet and it is 1023 feet long. On this go, 48,400 cubic water can be removed from the dam in a second. It generates electricity from 5,68,000,000 kW across the dam.


This dam has been built on the Gordon River of Australia, which is located in South West Tasmania there. This dam holds more than 1,23,000,00 mega liters of water from the Gordon River. The construction of this dam was started in 1974 and by 1978 it was completed.

Its height is 140 meters, which makes this dam very high when viewed from above and it is 198 meters long. If any crack occurs anywhere on this dam and then it breaks, then this dam will create havoc in the entire surrounding area.


This sam is in Switzerland and it is also known as Virja ka dam. Because the name of the river on which this dam is built is Virja ka. This dam is one of the most famous dams in Switzerland. It is so big that its height is 230 meters and it is 380 meters long.

This dam was completed in 1965 and even before its construction, the dam had faced many difficulties. But despite all those problems, this dam was completed. This dam holds so much water that if there is any defect in the dam, even a small mistake can bring down the entire dam. And no one would have said about the devastation that would happen after the fall of the dam



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