Top 10 Expensive Phones In The World: The first name that comes to our mind as soon as the mobile phone is mentioned, is the Apple Iphone. This brand has a distinct identity among the people. Even if the Iphone seems to be out of place for middle class people like us. But if we talk about the most expensive phone in the world, then there is also no need for a one lakh rupee Iphone in it.

You must be surprised to know that the most expensive mobile phone in the world is worth millions and billions of rupees. You will not be able to believe that even the cost of a phone can be so high.

So let’s know about the Top 10 Expensive Phones in the World in this article today. After reading this article from beginning to end, the owners of Apple Iphone will start to doubt their richness for a moment.


The price of this phone is 2.3 crores. In today’s time, if you are going to buy a feature phone in the market, then you can buy the best phone from 1500 to 2000 rupees only. But if we talk about the world’s best and most expensive feature phone, then its price is so high that you will find it difficult to believe it.

The Virtue Signature Cobra is the world’s most expensive feature phone. Its price is around 2.3 crores. This phone has been manufactured by luxury phone maker Virtue. The assembling has been done by professional designers with hands. Only 8 phones of this series have been manufactured.

Talk about the specialty of this phone, the complete body of this phone is gold plated. His biggest attraction is the cobra made on this phone. Cobra is made from solid gold. 439 rubies have been used on top of it. At the same time, its eyes are made from Emerald. The phone was delivered by helicopter to the people who bought this phone.


The price of this phone is 3.36 crores. If you are bored with the regular design of mobile then you can buy Goldvish Revolution phone with regular design and unique design.

To buy this phone, you will have to spend only 3.36 crores. As soon as you buy this phone, you will become the owner of the 9th Most Expensive Mobile in the world. Goldvish, a Swiss company that makes premium luxury mobile phones, has manufactured this mobile.

This phone is made from white and pink. Precious diamonds are inlaid around the mobile. Fine leather has also been used in its manufacture. At the same time, sapphire glass has been installed in its display. The buttons of this mobile are made of gold and the numbers are written from diamonds.

When it was launched, it was the most expensive mobile in the world at that time. Only 9 units of this phone were produced. And all the units had different characteristics. Another feature of this mobile is that a mechanical watch has also been installed by the company making luxury watch at its bottom.


The price of this mobile is Rs 7.1 crore. This phone is the eighth most expensive phone in the world. According to its name, you can buy this phone only if you have a jackpot in your hands. Luxury accessory design company Gresso designed this mobile.

This phone was launched in 2010. The company produced only 3 mobiles of this model. All three mobiles have their own unique number which is registered on the back of the mobile. The front panel of this mobile has a 45.5 carat black diamond.

The construction of the back panel of the mobile is made from 200-year-old rare African black wood. The 12 mm frame of the mobile is made of gold. Which weighs 180 grams. 17 sapphires with 32 carats have been used to make the mobile keypad.

The sapphire is manually polished and carved over the laser. The Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot, launched in 2010, was the first phone in the world to be worth a million dollars or more at that time.


The price of this phone is 7.7 crores. It is the world’s first mobile to cross a million dollars. Launched in 2006, this phone was recorded in the Guiness World Record Book as an expansive and exclusive mobile phone.

The New Zealand company that makes this phone is Goldvish, who built this beautiful mobile. Only 3 units of this mobile were also manufactured. The three mobiles were made in ten different colors.

Due to its unique shape and its amazing look, this mobile became more popular. Its mobile was manufactured with 18 karat gold. Above which 120 carat VVS 1 grade diamonds have been inlaid. You will be surprised to know that 1 lakh 20 thousand diamond pieces have been installed in this mobile. At the same time, its display is made from sapphire glass.


It is priced at Rs 9.3 crore. Its specialty is also similar to its name. Special encryption technology was used in this phone decorated with diamonds. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone, once considered to be the world’s most expensive phone, was manufactured by the Russian company JSC Ancort.

The design of this mobile somewhat resembles the Nokia Classic. But the expensive items used in its construction make it quite different from the Nokia Classic. The body of this mobile is made of solid platinum. The logo and the button are made of rose gold.


It is priced at Rs 18 crore. If seen, the latest iPhones that come out are worth in lakhs. But what is there in this mobile that is worth it in crores. Like the rest in this list, gold and diamond have been used to prepare this mobile.

It is designed by Austrian designer Peter Alloyson. This iPhone is made from 18 carat yellow, white and rose gold. In this mobile, a strip of damond has been made on all four sides, on which 138 diamonds are inlaid.

The biggest feature of this phone is its 6.6 carat single cut diamond home button. The original home button of the iPhone has been removed and Diamond home button has been installed there. Apart from being expensive, it is also considered to be the most beautiful phone.


It is priced at Rs 25.85 crore. Goldstriker Iphone 3GS Supreme is almost similar to Iphone 3G King’s Button. The only difference between these two is that more gold and diamonds have been used in 3GS Supreme. This iphone is designed by Stuart Hughes.

271 grams 22 carat gold has been used in the manufacture of this iphone. 22 diamonds have been placed above the bezels of this phone. The Apple logo is also decorated with diamonds. 53 diamonds have been placed above the Apple logo. Its home button has also been replaced with diamonds. But the diamond button of this phone is much more valuable. This iphone has been purchased by an Australian businessman.


It is priced at Rs 69 crore. Stuart Hughes has also designed the world’s third most expensive mobile iphone 4 diamond rose. Like the rest of the iphone, it also has precious diamonds embedded in it.

This iphone is made from solid rose gold. Over 500 100 carat diamonds have been inlaid on it. There are 53 diamonds on top of the Apple logo. In this too, the diamond home button has been replaced instead of the original home button. This is the iphone limited edition. These iphones have also been bought by an Australian businessman.


It is priced at Rs 70 crore. This is the third phone in this list designed by Stuart Hughes. Probably he has got the contract to make expensive Iphone. The rear panel and logo of this Iphone are made from 24 carat gold. At the same time, 53 diamonds have been installed in the decoration of the logo.

All the diamonds placed in this phone are quite precious and precious. Whom the world has gone from different corners. The home button of this phone is constructed from 8.6 carat single cut diamond. If there is ever a fear of the disappearance of the home button, then there is no need to worry about it either. Because with this Iphone there is 7.6 carat single cut diamond as backup.


It is priced at Rs 370 crore. This is the world’s most expensive mobile phone. This iphone is platinum coated. It has been made by such technology that protects this phone from any hacking. But this thing is not the reason for this iphone to be expensive. The real reason for this iphone to be expensive is the pink diamond behind it.

Let us tell you that pink diamond is very precious and precious diamond. Falcon Company has released only 3 editions of this phone. Which includes Orange and Blue Diamond Edition in addition to Pink Diamond Edition. The price of which is 310 crores and 330 crores. According to some reports, Pink Edition has been purchased by Nita Ambani of India.



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