Top 10 Intelligent People Of History: It is said that history cannot be created without talent, and talent is acquired only by one who has the desire to do something big. In this article of our day. We are going to tell you about 10 such great people who have passed in history, who are considered among the most intelligent people in the world today.


It is impossible for intelligent people to talk if Chanakya’s name is not mentioned in it. Because Chanakya was a person who is considered to be the most clever Rajnayak of history even today.

Born in the year 375BC, Chanakya was a great philosopher, economist, teacher and advisor to King Chandragupta Maurya. He is the one who has written the ancient Indian political text economics. He used to handle every single ministry of the huge Maurya empire of Chandragupta Maurya alone.

Chanakya used to prepare every strategy of King Chandragupta. Chanakya’s diplomats were so effective that they are still used in politics today.


Born in Italy, Leonardo da Vinci was a genius who mastered many talents, not one. He was a great architect, mathematician, composer engineer and writer of his time. He was the first person in history to cut a human body and examine it. Apart from this, his contribution in making modern things like tanks, parachute, helicopters is considered very important.

The painting named Monalisa made by him is today called the most famous and most expensive painting in the world. At the same time, he had treated his brain in such a way that he could write with one hand and paint with the other at the same time. He was the first and only person in the world to do so.


Born in England in the year 1564BC, William Shakespeare was a great dramatist, poet and actor. Who wrote mainly in his life on subjects like Love, LIfe, Death, Revenge, Magic, Mystry.

Even today, he is considered by many to be the best British writer. He wrote a total of 37 plays in his life. Which includes the world famous drama like Romeo Juliet, Hamlet. Apart from plays, he also wrote many poems in his life, which are still printed in our school’s English books. He was truly a genius of his art.


He was a great Indian Physician who was born in the year 1867 during the British state of India. He was a genius of mathematics, due to which he is still counted among the great mathematicians of modern times.

The most interesting thing about him was that he did not do any special training or studies to learn mathematics. But even the best mathematicians of the world could not stand before them. Srinivasa Ramanujan is credited for giving mathematics such things as Number Theory, Infinite Series and Continuity Fraction.


Whether you have studied your science or not, but you must have heard the name of Newton in your life at some time or the other. He was born in the 17th century, who was a great scientist of England. He was a great Mathematician, Physicist and Philosopher, due to whose amazing feats and discoveries, today he is counted among the greatest scientists of history.

Gravity was first discovered in the world by Newton. In addition, Sir Isaac Newton is credited with giving the world the Law of Motion, Calculus and the first practical telescope. Newton was the first to point out that light consists of 7 colors, not 2. And because of all these adventures and great discoveries, today he is considered among the smartest people in the world.


Born in the year 1564, Galileo was an Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, mathematician and inventor. His greatness and achievements can be gauged from the fact that today he is called by such names as Father of Modern Astronomy, Father of Modern Physics, Father of Scientific Method and Father of Modern Science.

The thermoscope and military compass were invented and the telescope was first used by him for the discovery of celestial bodies. Apart from this, he was the first in the world to have discovered the ring of Saturn, the four largest satellites of Jupiter planet, different faces and sun spots of planet Venus. He played an important role in bringing scientific revolution inside the world.


Thomas Alva Edison, born in 1847, was an American businessman and inventor. He is still considered America’s greatest inventor. In fact, in his lifetime, he invented many things which completely changed the life of human beings.

Electric power generators, mass communication technology, sound recording devices, and motion picture cameras were invented by Edison itself. Also he invented fluoroscopy, rechargeable batteries and the world’s first light bulb.


Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American scientist. Who was born on 10 July 1856 in the Austrian Empire. He was a great inventor, electric engineer. He is still considered one of the greatest scientists in the world and one of America’s greatest inventors.

Things like modern alternating current supply systems, hydro power plants and induction motors were invented by Nikola Tesla. Also invented its wireless transmission. Which is also considered to be the biggest invention of his life.


Born in the year 436 AD, Aryabhata was a great mathematician from ancient India who discovered zero. His contribution in the field of mathematics and astronomy is considered very important even today. Because apart from the discovery of zero, it was the first time in the world to calculate the correct value of pie.

Aryabhata was the first person who said that the eclipse is caused by the moon and the shadow of the earth. He also said that all the planets shine because of the reflection of sunlight. He gave the formula of triangle and circle area which are still used today. Because of all these works, even today, his named in the category of the most intelligent of the world.


Born in Germany in 1889, Albert Einstein was a famous physical theorist. Who is considered by many to be the greatest physicist in history today. He developed many such theories in his life, with the help of which we humans are able to understand many unresolved mysteries of the universe.

Quantum theory of light, special theory of relativity and photoelectric effect are some of the main theories developed by him. He also won the Nobel Prize for the photoelectric effect. However his most important theory is considered to be the General Theory of Relativity which took many years for other physicists to understand. Today he is considered one of the smartest people in history for all his achievements.



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