Top 10 New Movies Released In April 2021: In today’s article, I am going to tell about the best movie released in April 2021. For the list of new or fresh released best movies, read this entire article from beginning to end.


It is a Si-Fi thriller film, which was released on Netflix on 27 April 2021. Friends, the title of the film, “Stowaway”, means a secret traveler. A person who travels secretly in a vehicle such as a ship, aircraft or train.

This film looks like the story of one such secret traveler. A crew of 3 person sets out on a mars mission of 2 years. And suddenly the presence of an implant passenger places hard choice in front of them. These three crew members have to face a lot of difficulty due to this one secret traveler.

In this way, this mission becomes hard for them. So guys, watch this Si-Fi thriller film and find out how Secret Traveler reached this secret mission? And will this mission be successful or not? The film is available in Hindi on Netflix.


It is also known as Space Dog Tropical Adventure. By the way, the film was released in the end of 2020. But in April 2021, its DVD and blueray versions were released. It is an animated fantasy comedy film. This is the 3rd triology film of Space Dogs. This triology is based on two histories, where these space dogs, Belka and Stalka, were the world’s first animals.

Those who were sent to space and both of them were able to survive there. This animation film presents two historical characters with comedy. In the interesting story of this third film, we see that a mysterious and dangerous whirlpool appears in the Atlantic Ocean. These asteronauts dogs are then sent to investigate it. Now how do these two funny characters invest this incident? Invest in watching this movie.


It is an action film which is also the spin off of Jack Ryan’s film series. It is based on the 1993 Navel without remorse. Development of this film started from 1993. Keanu Rives and Tom Hardy were roped in for the lead role. But in final 2018, Michael Jordan was announced in the lead role. And he became perfectly suit in this role. His performance has received more praise than the film’s story and other expectations.

The story of this film calls for a US Navy seal to avenge the murder of his pregnant wife and unit members. Alone alone embarks on this revenge mission and this lone soldier raises all the enemies. So friends, definitely try this action thriller film. It is available in English language on Amazon Prime.


It is a Telugu-language action thriller film that was released on the 2nd April 2021 theatrically. And proved to be a bomb at the box office in a way. The story of this amazing thriller film follows a Counter Terrorist task force agent. Which investigates simultaneous bombings that took place in Hyderabad in 2007.

Friends, if you like thriller movies based on investigative movements, then try this film because you will get to see interesting story as well as amazing star casts and their amazing performance. The film is available on Netflix in Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages.

#6. V

It is a Telugu language action thriller film, released on Amazon Prime in September 2020. But in January 2021 it was re-released in Theaters. And finally in April 2021 its Hindi dubbed version was released on Amazon Prime. In the film, we see that Mysterious Munderer challenges one of the best police officers. Now this police officer wants to catch this munderer. But in this V is always one step ahead of the police.

Now what is the story of this mysterious man V? You will have to find out only by watching the film. In the film, the superstar Nani and her look are in the lead role, the amazing dialogue is going to win your heart. So please try this film once.


It is an action adventure film, whose mystery and thrill slowly transforms the garnished story into a survival story. These changes are happening in the story before the film’s interval. The story then becomes very attractive and interesting. But these changes have taken place after interval. The story then becomes predictable and dull slightly. But the film’s star cast keeps viewers engaged.

The film’s thrilling story follows lead character Ranbir Malhotra. Whose luxurious plane journey turns into a survival battle. He gets off the plane and the lead character makes every effort to survive. Now is he able to survive in this accident or not? You will be able to solve this mystery only after watching the film. The film is available in Hindi on unofficial.


It is a martial arts fantasy film, which is based on the famous video game franchise mortal combat. And there is also a reboot of the old mortal combat film series. The film became internationally release on 8 April 2021. And on 23 April 2021 it was released in the US theater. And the film was also released on HBO MAX. HBO MAX was the most successful.

The film’s interesting story follows the lead character of the film. Who prepares himself, along with the enemies of the outworld, for the greatest championship of the earth. So you should not miss this greatest championship with friends fantasy and martial arts. You must try this popular action film once. It is available in English language on unofficial sources.


It is an amazing comedy film whose sweet and simple story makes it a completely entertaining film with its impressive funny moments. The film’s interesting story shows us that a young lonely girl becomes a surrogate of a 40s man’s baby. Now gradually their perception of family love and connection starts changing from their unexpected relationship.

So if you like watching movies with sweet and simple story. So you will like this beautiful life journey of two strangers. Their funny moments and the amazing performance of the actors will not let you get bored at all. Do try this beautiful comedy film once.


It is an amazing action thriller film and the performances of its actors add life to this film. The thrilling story of the film is very interesting in which we see that the lead character, resentfully investigates an incident in his house. Follows the Clue of the Incident and during this time he reaches this path. After this the real thriller of this film starts.

And how will the lead character protect his family? Find out by watching this movie. Friends, people who like the crime thriller film should not be missed at all. This film is available in English language on unofficial sources.


It is an amazing beautiful and heart touching drama film. Which was released in its original Tamil language in November 2020 on Amazon Prime. And in April 2021 its Hindi dubbed version titled “Udaan” was released on Amazon Prime. Inspired by the True Event, this is an amazing film that will keep you tied from beginning to end. And will give you lots of heart touching moments.

The film’s story follows a young man from a remote village. Who wants to launch an airline for Common People. Now he has to do a lot of difficulties to fulfill his dream. Many challenges have to be faced, but he is not giving up on all these.

The excellent performance of Friends Beautiful Story as well as lead star Surya and all other actors make this film magical. If you want to watch a true entertainer and beautiful film, then this film is a best choice. You can see it on Amazon Prime.



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