We have to think a lot before we start watching any long show or anime. We all want to enjoy a good show in a very short time, which does not let us get bored at all. So friends, today we will tell you about this very interesting Top 10 Short Anime Series through this article. Who will take an interesting story in front of you taking very little time.

So if you are a real lover, then you should read this article today. Because in today’s article, we will tell you a lot of interesting things about the Best Short Anime Series. Also, we will also tell you the Top 10 Short Anime Series, which is the Best Short Anime Series.


It is a dark fantasy anime. Strange, zombie type creatures will be seen in it. The battle between Humans and these Strange creatures will entertain you a lot. In this anime we see that the entire mankind has to fight a hard survival battle due to the sudden experience of undead monster during the industrial revolution.

These monsters are not so easy to die for. They can either be killed by special weapons. Or they can be killed by attacking in a particular way. Now you will have to look anonymously for how the normal Humans face the powerful monster. This short anime has a total of 12 episodes, which is available on Netflix in the Japanese language.


It is a psychological, thriller anime based on gambling. Perhaps it is the only one of its kind to be a centered on Gambling. Which puts an interesting story in front of us. Anime’s story follows a young boy Kaiji who wants a little money after his graduation. Wants to get out of his poverty. But to change his luck, this journey becomes too difficult for him.

And one point comes in his life. When he chooses the way to get rich quick and steps into the world of gambling. The changes that come in his life after this make this anime even more interesting. So friends, you can enjoy this journey of Kaiji in just 26 episodes.


It is a dark fantasy anime, an interesting story related to murder mystery and revenge. The story of this anime follows the lead character, whose younger sister is murdered. And after this incident, the lead character of this Anime takes to solve this murder mystery. It also has a friend in it.

Whether these two teenager can solve this twisted mystery or not? It will be known only after watching this anime. Apart from this mysterious murdered twist, a lot of dark fantasy and mysteries will show you this anime. Do try this anime with 24 episodes once.


It is a fantasy action anime whose concept story is very attractive. Its characters and action scenes are very interesting. This anime’s interesting story follows the lead character, who joins the Devil to save humanity. After which he becomes a devilman. That is, the strong power of the devil gets to the lead character of this anime.

But he still has crybaby on him, which makes him a good devilman. And thus the lead character becomes savier of humanity with that power. How and why everything happens in his life right now? Discover the journey of becoming a devil from the lead actor’s crybaby and discover it. There are a total of 24 episodes in this interesting anime, which you can enjoy in English language.

#6. 91 DAYS

This is an interesting crime drama anime, which shows us the rivals and disputes of mafia bosses. We see a revenge story started due to these disputes. This anime’s thrilling crime story is centered on the lead character. In a mafia dispute, the entire family of lead character is killed. After which he leaves his town. But seven years later, when the lead character returns to seek his revenge.

Then the real thrill begins in the story. How will Anime’s lead character be the only one to take revenge on such a powerful mafia family? This is going to be very interesting for all of you. This anime will show you the thrilling crime story through just 12 episodes. So guys don’t miss it at all


It is a Si-Fi mystery thriller anime, whose amazing concept makes it unique. In this anime we see that an impenetrable field appeared 10 years ago in Tokyo, which is called Hells Gate. What is this field and why is it? Nobody knows this. Along with the appearance of these gates, agents with some paranormal powers also appeared. Those are called contractors.

Anime’s story follows one such most powerful undercover contractor. Which tries to solve the mystery of Hells Gate in collaboration with rival agencies. So friends, what is this mystery of Hells Gate? You can find out by watching this anime. This interesting anime, based on a strange concept, has a total of 24 episodes. If you want to see something unique and interesting, then try this anime.


This is an amazing high school drama anime. You will get to see some unimaginable in it. After seeing this, you too will start thinking that something like this would happen in real life. Then maybe we could have shaped our life a little better. The amazing story of this anime follows a young man 27 years old. One who has failed in his life and he is very upset. One day suddenly a sharp turn comes in his life.

When through a mysterious pill he gets a chance to change his life. Now does the lead character take this chance or leave it? What is this mysterious pill and how can it change the life of the lead character? You will get the answers to all these interesting questions after watching the anime. This interesting and unique beautiful short anime series has a total of 13 episodes.


This is a physiological thriller anime that shows us the story of horrific terror attack. A nuclear attack occurs at a nuclear facility in Japan. And from there a very valuable and dangerous thing is stolen. Now the government and the police have no clue as to why the attack happened and who did it?

A few days later the video goes viral in which two teenager boys threaten to destroy the entire town. He challenge both the police and the government. After this, there is some change in the story and it becomes more and more thrilling. Now who is this teenager? Why does it want to destroy the whole city? You can find out by watching this anime. This short anime has only 11 episodes


It is a very interesting and popular adventure anime. Whose story, character, scene, everything is very attractive. Anime’s interesting story follows a young boy from the village. Who comes to the capital city with the purpose of adding a little money to his village. And there, a Dangerous assassin joins the group. And from here his adventurous journey begins.

After this interesting turn in the story, thrills and action starts in this anime. Friends, do not miss the adventurous mission of The Night Trade Assasin Group. In this short anime series, the average is 24 episodes totaling 23 minutes. Which is available in Japanese on Netflix.


It is an amazing sports drama drama based on baseball and gambling. Follow Anime’s interesting story lead character whose profession is Athlete. He makes money in One Out, the simplified version of baseball with his fast bowling ability. And this is what makes him by heart a gambler.

Now the lead character gets a chance to play on a real baseball team. Then he gives the game the import or the money? Find out by watching this anime. If you like sports based anime, then try this short anime. You will get only 25 episodes in it.

So guys, these were some amazing short animation shows. All the Anime Lovers must try once.



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