Top 10 Sports Personalities In India: There is no dearth of play to play in India. This is the reason why we Indians have to engage with sports too much. We not only watch different types of games but also follow the players playing in them. It is not that sports personalities come out of cricket itself.

Because apart from cricket, there are many sports personalities in the country who have achieved a different position by giving the best performance in their sport. So in this article, we are going to tell you about the Top 10 Sports Personalities in India.


If you all like to play chess then you must know about Indian chess king Vishwanathan Anand. Playing chess is not only known in India but around the world. Vishwanathan Anand achieved amazing success at a young age.

It was at the age of 20 that he first went to the Grandmaster of chess, which was like a dream come true for him. Anand had made a name in India because of his amazing mind and in the year 2007 he won the chess world championship and raised his name and name of India in the world too.

In 2013, he suffered a loss to Magnus Carlsen, but later became World Champion and this did not affect Vishwanathan Anand. Because earlier he had done a lot for India. He has also received the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, India’s best sports honor.

#9. PANKAJ ADVANI (Billiard & Snooker)

Pankaj Advani is a well-known player in Billiards and Snooker, who has brought glory to the name of not only the family but the entire country around the world with his amazing ability.

You all will be surprised to know that Pankaj has been a world champion 19 times. In which he achieved his first title at just 18 years of age. Not only this, he is also a play athlete who has been world champion in both Billiard and Snooker games.

Hardly you know that he has also won the World Professional Billiards Championship in 2009. Which suggests that he is so much more talented. Because becoming a champion in two different sports is not an easy task for anyone. Today, of course, he is not only India’s well-known sports personality but also a source of inspiration for many youngsters.

#8. MILTHALI RAJ (Cricket)

One thing is clear that cricket is considered to be the only men’s game in India. Now women have also become a major sport. People of India are also now showing interest in women’s cricket. The credit for all of this goes to the entire Indian women’s team. But if someone has made a different place in Indian women’s cricket, then it is the Indian women’s cricket team captain Milthali Raj. Today, not only the people of India, but also the sports lovers around the world know.

2017 has been a year when under the captaincy of Milthali Raj performed well in the Women’s World Cup and paved the way to the finals. Although the Indian team suffered a defeat against England in this match, it was a win for the Indian women’s cricket team. Because the Indian team had never done anything like this before.

Today Milthali Raj is known for his superb batting as well as his tremendous captaincy. This is the reason that he is known as one of the most famous sports personalities of India.

#7. MILKHA SINGH (Field Athlete)

There is talk of India’s most famous sports personalities and it cannot be said that the name of India’s famous player Milkha Singh is not there. Because it is an inspiration not only to India but to people all over the world.

Although Milkha Singh has retired long ago as a sprinter, but his popularity has not diminished yet. Because he is one of the first athletes for the people of India to try his hand in sports. During his time at Milkha Singh, India reached new heights and also won the gold medal for India in 1951 common wealth games.

Well, his life was not easy because when India and Pakistan were partitioned in 1947, he faced a lot of problems at that time. But he never let these troubles dominate him. And represented India in the Olympics of 1956, 1960, 1964, performing consistently well.

#6. SANIA MIRJA (Tennis)

There will hardly be anyone in India who does not know Sania Mirza, a renowned tennis player of India. Because she was the first woman in India to have recognized India in tennis around the world. However, great players like Mahesh Bhupathi also play for India. But the popularity that Sania Mirza achieved in India is extremely difficult for any other tennis player.

Sania Mirza is the first Indian woman to achieve number 1 in the world rankings in tennis. She has also won the Grand Slam Trophy for India. Which proves that he is one of the most brilliant athlete in India.


Sachin Tendulkar is one such name of India whom people like but also worship. This is because he gave India a different place in cricket on its own. And perhaps this is the reason why he is considered the God of cricket.

If they do their records, even today, many of their records are such that it is not easy for a player to break them. You all will be surprised to know that he has scored 100 centuries in his life. And currently there are no other players around in terms of scoring a century.

It is not that he is liked because of his game. Because he is also situated in the hearts of his fans due to his calm and decency nature. You are aware of his popularity that he was awarded Bharat Ratna by the Government of India. Which is the greatest honor for any Indian.

#4. SAKSHI MALIK (Wrestler)

If we talk about wrestling, wrestling has its own importance in India. Because wrestling is being done in India from very old times. Evidence of which is also found in Mahabharata period. And perhaps this is the reason why there is a different feeling of wrestling among people in India.

Wrestling, once considered a sport of men in India, is also very popular among women today. A little credit is also given to Sakshi Malik. Who has got their name inscribed in the pages of history by winning the historic medal in women’s wrestling for India.

Sakshi Malik won this medal in the Rio Olympics, after which the child of India became aware of her name.

#3. ABHINAV BINDRA (Shooter)

His name is not a mark of recognition because he has been a well-known shooter in India who has brought his name and name of India to the world with his amazing shooting skills.

Abhinav was the first Indian to win a gold medal in India’s Olympics. Abhinav did not stop even after winning the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and he also won the gold medal at the 2014 Common Wealth Games. Apart from all this, he has also been the World Shooting Champion.

#2. MARY KOM (Boxing)

If you think that you cannot fulfill your dream due to troubles, then Mary Kom will definitely change this thinking. Because it is a true inspiration not only for India but for people all over the world.

He achieved success even after many troubles. His success can be gauged from the fact that despite his normal family, he won the title of 5 Amature Boxing World Champion. She has also become the champion in the Asian Boxing Championship. A film has also been made on him in 2014, in which his character was played by India’s well-known actress Priyanka Chopda.


You will all know him, who is one of the most famous or most brilliant badminton players of India. Saina Nehwal is the first Indian badminton player to finish first in the World Competition. Probably for this reason, everyone knows and follows them.

All of you will be surprised to know that before them, in the 1980 men’s competition Akash Padukone was able to do this feat in India. Well it was a small success in his career. Because after that he also won 21 different international titles and also gave India a bronze medal in the Olympics. Which describes his success story on his own.



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