Top 10 Unbelievable Buildings In The World

Top 10 Unbelievable Buildings In The World: Have you ever seen a building that is in a round shape, like a coin. There are people living in this building in actual. And have you seen a building that is built like containers that are contained in the entire building pubg game like containers are stacked on top of each other.

So in this article today, we have brought a list of Top 10 Unbelievable Buildings for you. Buildings you may have never heard of before. And in this list, India also has one such unbelievable Buildings, which you have never heard of before. Today’s article must be read from beginning to end, because you are going to have a lot of fun in this article today.

So let’s start this today’s article about Top 10 Unbelievable Buildings In The World.


This building is in Rotterdam City, Netherlands. Which is a residential building where you can go and live by buying an apartment. The design of this building is very different from the normal building as it has 98 apartments.

All apartments have their own separate balcony. And a small garden has also been planted in that balcony. Which makes the building look even more amazing. The entire building is of 19 floors and has 4 to 6 houses on all floors.

There is also a large parking place near this building. Tree plants have also been planted there. In order to connect people with nature, this small garden has been installed in the balcony of every apartment.


This building is in Hennover City, Germany. It is an office building in which the bank’s headquarters is one of the most famous banks in Germany. Apart from banks and offices, this building is used for retail, commercial, cultural and Indore space.

It was started to be built in 1970, even after this building is so old, it looks like the modern buildings of today. And looking at it from a distance, it seems that each block is made separately above the building. Only two poles have been used to support those blocks which have gone out of the way. This makes the design of this building even more unique.

Glass panels were used above this entire building, which made the building even more modern. To save water, things have been brought over the building from which rain water is stored. And this water is used for daily use for the people living in the building. And this water is also filtered to make it drinkable.


Another name of this building is also Bierpinsel which is in Berlin. It is 47 meters high and was built in 1970 as a future building. The motive of the person who built this building was that the building of this shape in the future can be made even bigger.

And this building also looks like a future stick building. Because the small apartments built in it are very much out of their base. This design of the building was inspired by trees. Stairs have also been made to go up the other side of this building.


There is a museum in the name of this tower but it is not a museum in actuals. It is a residential building where anyone can go and live. This building is in Miami City, United States of America.

The building was started in 2015 and the tower was completed in 2018. Which is a Modern Architect Building. This building was designed in three ways. First the central part was built and then the apartments were designed on top of it. And then such a unique design was installed on the top of this building. Which completely changes the look of the building.

The building has a total of 62 floors and has a height of 215 meters or 707 feet. With this height, this building is one of the tallest buildings in Miami. And what I told you about the design of the building, if you look carefully at that design, then it also has a balcony for the apartments.

All the apartments in this building are an ultra luxury apartments that no common man can afford. When this building was completed, it was named Scorpion Tower but after that its name was changed to One Thousand Museum.


National Fisheries Development Board, also known as Fish Building. This building is in Hyderabad city of our India. Most people do not think that such a building can happen in India too. As the name of this building is Fish Building, this building has also been made like fat, it is also like a fish.

This Building has 4 floors and this Building was completed in 1992. It has a side staircase to go in, and this whole fish has been made by placing the building over the poles and the entire space below is empty. And this fish has eyes that have been made in round shape. The mouth of this fish is the balcony where you can stand outside and look at it. The one that is colored above this fish building also shines at night.


Absolute Towers also known as Absolute Word. It is two towers in Canada that began to be built in 2007 and in 2012, both of them became complete towers. Both these towers are famous for their architect design as it looks as if a round pipe has been deflated. For the same design of both these towers, these towers were placed at number 4 in the International Design Competition.

The height of these two towers is 56 floors and the tower which is smaller has 50 floors. In which the height of the tower is 179.5 meters and the height of the tower is 161.2 meters. Both towers are bent 209 degrees from base to top.


It is in Manhattan, New York City. There are two buildings here and both these buildings are connected to a swimming pool. This swimming pool is 300 feet higher than the ground. It is both a luxury residential building in which you will get to see all these things like apartments, restaurants and shopping malls.

Both these buildings were completed in 2017 and have a total of 48 floors. Both these towers are built in such a way that both of them are dancing together.


This building is in Guangzhou, China. This building looks exactly like a coin. The large hole in the middle of this building has no glass panel attached to it. This is a complete open area in which one can easily move from one side to the other.

It was started in 2013 and this building was completed in 2013. Which has a total of 33 floors and its height is 138 meters. Looking at this building from a distance, it seems that a wheel has been placed on the ground.


This building is also in Shanghai City of China and this building looks very simple in appearance. But the pipes that are hung on top of it have 3 layers that are always moving around. Copper is polished above these pipes.

The speed of these pipes is very slow and it also makes sound while moving. This building is a cultural center which has everything like shopping malls, restaurants.


This building is in Singapore and this building is designed as if it is built by placing blocks on top of each other. Looking at this entire building, it seems that a second container is placed on top of the container and a third container is placed on the other.

It was started making in 2007 and in 2013 it was completed and completed. It has a total of 25 floors and 1040 rooms. Lifts have also been used in this building which has a total of 43 lifts. All kinds of facilities have been provided for the people living in this building.



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