Top 10 Unique Hotels In The World

Top 10 Unique Hotels In The World: Have you ever seen a hotel that is built in the middle of the sea and under water? Have you seen a hotel that is made of wood? A whole world has been made inside the hotel bedroom, from the swimming pool and bathroom to the tree plantation has been installed inside the bedroom.

So friends, in this article today, we have brought for you the list of Top 10 Unique Hotels In The World. Whom you have never seen before. In our list of these Top 10 Unique Hotels, we also have a hotel in India that you may have never heard of before.

So today, this article must be read from beginning to end as it is going to be quite interesting. So let’s start this article today with the Top 10 Unique Hotels in the World.


This hotel is in Cuba, which has been built in a very different way in the middle of nature. This entire hotel is made of wood. Which includes bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and all these things. A small roof protruding from the outside has also been built. You can take an amazing view of the outside by sitting on it.

When these cabins are built on top of rocks, then you can definitely guess what the view of these mountains will be from the cabin. Two people can live comfortably in these small hotels. And every year thousands of tourists and couples come to stay in these hotels.

You can take a 360 degree view of the mountain from the bedroom of these cabins. Because glass panels have been installed in the side wall of the cabin. So that you can see the view outside the bedroom even in the night time.


The hotel is in New York, built on top of the wood. Such houses can also be built on the banks of mountains, rivers and lakes. In which transparent glass has been installed to bring natural light inside the front and back side of the house. You can see the view outside the place where this hotel is built.

This house is so big that two to four people can live comfortably in it. Which includes bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and lounges. This house has been designed in such a way that maximum facility can be provided for the people living inside the house, at least in the space as well. Also, more space can also be given.

Normally you would have seen in such small houses that there is not even a balcony. But two balconies have been made in this house. Where you can do any of your work by sitting.


The hotel is in Finland which is the most famous in the world. There are many types of this igloo house. In which the house is built underground. And from the top there is ice on these houses.

Igloo houses of wood are also made. But the glass igloo houses are the most famous of them all. Because in them you are lying under the open sky. Because glass is applied on the top, so that you can see the outside view very clearly. And the sky is clearly visible from the bedrooms of these houses.

This igloo house also has a bedroom and a bathroom. And more and more couples go to such a place. Now, who will be the only person in the world who would like to go single.

You will see this house that when there is so much snow outside, it will feel cold inside this igloo house as well. But this is not the case at all. Outside these igloo houses, however cold they are, they are warm from inside.


This resort is in California, which is made of wood from an amazing structure. Which looks like a slurry on its appearance, which is why it has also been called Human Nest. The lower part of this resort is made of living trees, which also looks green when it comes to resort time. Inside it, two people can live comfortably and lighting and everything is provided.


The hotel is in Stockholm and the entire hotel is built in an aeroplane. Which can also be called a luxury hotel because inside this hotel you will get to see all the things. Everything like bedroom, restaurant, lounge, chilling area, mini theater are available in this hotel. The thing that makes this hotel unique is the presence of this hotel in the aeroplane.


It is in Kochi, India. Many of you must have been true that there are some good hotels in India but you are wrong. Because on Aquatic Island there are ultra luxury unique hotels that are surrounded on all sides. There is a green nature around these hotels that everyone would like to see. It also has a swimming pool which gives the feel of a luxury apartment. You can also do fishing here because there is water around the hotel and fish also live in this water.


The hotel is in Mexico which is unique and luxury hotels. All these hotels are designed towards a severed slurry, which makes it even more unique. These hotels are built up to four floors and three of which are residential buildings. It also has 16 private villas and all these villas have a tremendous swimming pool. All types of facilities are available inside these hotels.


The hotel is in the Maldives which is one of the most unique hotels in the world. Its one floor has been made underwater and this makes this hotel the most unique. There is a bed inside the underwater room and a thick transparent glass is placed around that room so that you can have an underwater view.

There are a total of 3 rooms in this entire hotel, in which 24 horse service is available. This hotel is a luxury hotel with a one night stay fare of 40 thousand dollars.


This hotel is in the Sacred Valley which is built in the middle of the mountains. These hotels are built in the middle of the mountains, which is like a box. These hotels are built under the open sky, which is no less than an adventure. But stopping at this hotel and seeing the view from outside is a different fun.

In this small box, you will get to see all the things like bedroom, bathroom, dinning area. To reach this hotel, you have to climb the stairs above those mountains.


This hotel is in Mexico, after seeing it, you will not believe that such hotels can also be in the world. Whatever is told to you in this tree house, it will be less. The entire hotel is designed with wood, in which you will find everything that you cannot expect in a wooden house.

A carriage has been made to move inside the tree house, on top of which a small bridge has also been built. It is designed in such a way that you will not need to go outside, you will get all the facilities inside it. Made so that you can create a natural atmosphere inside the bedroom



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